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Prepare for certification

The IFS HPC v2 standard can be downloaded free of charge from ► here.

In order to be ready: it is advisable to be helped by an external consulting firm auditors IFS HPC. Several formulas can suit you:

  • Training in risk analysis
  • Training IFS HPC V2
  • Training  GMP / Hygiene
  • Diagnosis and development of an action plan
  • Quality & Risk Analysis Support
  • Pre-audit

General requirements for the Quality Management System

During pre-audit or certification audit in accordance with IFS, the auditor assesses if the various elements of a Company’s quality management system are being documented, implemented, maintained and continuously improved.

The auditor shall examine the following elements:

  • organisational structure in relation to responsibility, authority, qualification and job description,
  • documented procedures and the instructions concerning their implementation,
  • inspection and testing: specified requirements and defined acceptance / tolerance criteria,
  • the actions to be taken in case of non-conformities,
  • investigation of the causes of non-conformities and the implementation of corrective actions,
  • conformity analysis of safety and quality data and review of implementation in practice,
  • handling, storage and retrieval of quality records, such as traceability data and document control.

All processes and procedures shall be clear concise and unambiguous, and the key personnel shall understand the principles of the Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System is based on the following methodology:

  • to identify the processes needed for the quality management system,
  • to determine the sequence and interaction of these processes,
  • to determine the criteria and methods required to ensure the effective operation and control of these processes,
  • to ensure the availability of information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes,
  • to measure, monitor and analyse these processes, and implement the necessary action to achieve planned results and continuous improvement.

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